How we ensure the right person

You could say that a good IQ allows you to become employed, but it requires a well-developed EQ to succeed at work.

A structured behavioral interview template is produced, with different types of problem-solving and personality aspects appropriate to the specific job specification. A minimum of three references is taken, a background control and an affidavit. The final candidates are going through an assessment exercise.

During the last hundred years intelligence has been measured with IQ, which demonstrates an individual's cognitive or academic capacity. But IQ itself is not the determinant of how we succeed in life. Emotional and social intelligence, also known as emotional intelligence or EQ only, is tactical intelligence which is important in order to work here and now. While cognitive intelligence is more strategic and part of our ability to anticipate and take into account problems in the long run.

IQ is special cognitive abilities to understand the context, analyze complex contexts, and be able to conclude and present a specific subject. These include the ability to remember, draw conclusions, using mother language and foreign languages with different contents and in different contexts, make mathematical calculations, see relationships, discover similarities and differences, and more. In many cases the cognitive skills are summarized by the term conceptual skills.

Emotional intelligence serves as a predictor for success in that it shows how an individual applies the knowledge of himself and others in a given situation. You can see this part of the intelligence as "common sense" and the ability to get by in life. There is a lot of evidence that people with good emotional and social performance — that is, people who know and can control their own feelings as well as to detect and deal with other people's feelings effectively – has advantage of it in most contexts, both in their private and professional lives.

Our consultants are certified in a number of personality tests / questionnaires, amongst others Emotional intelligence, EQ-i 2.0 - which includes a person’s interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, WPT-R, Wonderlic Personal Test - Showing a person’s Ability​ Problem solving capacity or general intelligence, measuring a person’s verbal, numerical and spatial capabilities and Facet5 - a Personality questionnaire, showing a person’s behavior, motivation, attitudes and ambitions.

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