Who we are

A partner that that see each assignment as unique regardless if it is a junior or senior position. Each position is essential for company success.

Tina started the Company and has extensive experience from the financial sector, where she has had positions as Chief Credit Officer Scandinavia and Head of Credit and Risk Scandinavia, Bank director, as well as Board of Directors assignments. She has more than ten years of experience as a recruitment consultant within search from junior to senior level.

One thing that has not changed is her curiosity for people as well as for businesses, to see the opportunities. She has a good strategic thinking as well as seeing the potential in people. One of her drive force is to continue to develop and to embrace new knowledge.

She sees every assignment as a unique project and will give as much time and energy that the recruitment need, to be successful for all parties involved.

Our Company

Opportunity Management started 2003 within recruitment, mainly search, within several competences and branches. Our foundation is based on a good business understanding, our experience and knowledge from operational to strategical positions within Financing and Risk and not least our interest in human behavior.

Analytics has always been a major focus area and now extended to include Business Intelligence. These two disciplines are our core focus. Every company with a huge amount of data is our focus customer.

We don’t strive to maximize the numbers of assignments. Each assignment is given required amount of time and energy needed. We want to understand the Company’s present and future needs within BI and Analytics. If we don’t, we can’t present the candidates that will contribute the most to fulfill your company’s goal and further success. Our brand is based on knowledge, professionalism and curiosity, which is shown in all our meetings.

Tina Olsén
Senior Consultant
+46 706 65 74 38

Give us a call and we will inform you of our complete recruitment process, Ethic Policy and Business and Payment terms and how we can be of service.